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Project Description


Everyone knows that doctors clinics can be extremely busy and that patient wait times are enviable, our waiting room WiFi network will provide some distraction for your patients while waiting to see their doctor. WiFi also allows your business to advertise and market preventative health solutions for your patients.

We ensure that the WiFi is not connected in any way to your internal network to offer you absolute peace of mind that no hackers will break through your firewalls.

Business Benefits

Personalised ‘offers’ and patient information

Providing WiFi gives you the opportunity to provide a more personalised experience for patients. Age related information could be sent out for the over 60’s, vaccine information sent to parents of young children and gender specific information on relevant health-care check-ups.

What’s in it for me?
Here are just a few of the benefits of adding free Wi-Fi to your practice:

Save time

 A WiFi network and a few iPad’s allows patients to check in and update information without involving office staff

Reduce clutter 

Free WiFi for your visitors allows you to cut down on magazine subscriptions for your waiting room

Improve patient relations 

Although your patients have appointments, schedules do not always run on time. Free WiFi access shows your patients you value their time by helping them stay productive while they wait

Create goodwill 

Win new patients not all who use your WiFi are patients—right now. A friend or relative waiting with your patient is a prospect. Free WiFi in your waiting room is an amenity that can tip them in your favor

Gain a competitive advantage 

Consumers love anything free. Offering free WiFi is a powerful marketing tool and a competitive advantage for your practice.

Poise your practice for future growth

The demand for Internet access will continue to grow—both for your patients and your practice. Going forward, you’ll see new clinics and business devices cut the cord and rely solely on WiFi connectivity.