Telephones / VOIP for General Practice

/Telephones / VOIP for General Practice

Project Description

Save money and time with a modern flexible telephone solution

Businesses need phone systems. even in today’s world of web sites, online chat, email and instant messaging, there is still no substitute for being able to talk directly with your patients and other health practitioners. Phone systems provide for this direct interaction, from routing inbound callers to the right individual or doctor, to providing dial tone for outbound calls, and everything in between.

How to make the switch?

Contact us today to receive a customised quote detailing the benefits of implementing VIP in your business. When you are ready we will install the service with zero downtime, so you can focus on your patients and clinic.

Common questions

Is my site compatible?

Most sites are fully compatible with the solution, however the majority of cost savings require the site to have stable high quality internet such as an NBN or EFM solution. 

Do I have to change my phone system?

It depends….. Lots of traditional PABX solutions offer a VOIP capability and similar features, but also have significant drawbacks. In some cased you will avoid changing, but wont be able to realise all of the benefits.

I’ve heard VOIP is unreliable?

In some cases VOIP can be unreliable, which is why high quality internet is required as a precursor. eventually existing PSTN lines will be removed and all phones will run on VOIP. 




Business Benefits

  • Reduce your monthly telephone bills (Up to 75% savings)

  • Make changes quickly without costly call out fees

  • Improve your on hold and after hours messages without paying a 3rd party

  • Connect between your sites without additional costs

  • No lock in contracts

  • Have your voicemail automatically forwarded to your email

  • Answer calls almost anywhere as if you were onsite

  • Remove the need for reception to transfer your calls through an auto attendant

  • Save money on faxing by utilising VOIP for your fax line



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