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Project Description


No-shows: Can ruin your day and your revenue projections. Appointments made online receive email and text message reminders.

More time: Your staff can spend a lot of time answering phone calls from people needing to make an appointments. If they were able to focus on patients at your clinic instead of being on the phone with ones who want to be there, your staff will be able to provide better customer service and satisfaction.

Added flexibility: Patients can simply log in to your website and see when the doctor is available. This allows your patients to plan their schedule accordingly around the visit without having to wait.

Stay in the know: It’s important to know what’s going on with your patient schedule. Online appointments will automatically notify you when a patients books, changes or cancels an appointment, when a patient adds themselves to the waiting list and more.

Business Benefit

Missed appointments cost practice’s dearly. Online appointment software will automatically remind your patients of their appointment which can reduce the chances of no-shows are reduced

Save valuable front desk time with fewer phone calls to take, front desk receptionists will have a reduced workload and can be free to complete other productive tasks

Save money and increase revenue with a reduced workload on the front desk, staff can be used in more productive roles that are revenue positive

Attract new patient online appointments will attract new patients who are searching for a practice online

Provide Analytics you will have a greater understanding of your patient flows with analytics

Your practice has the flexibility to use the appointments system in the way you want.

You can choose:

Which doctors use the system

Times of the day available

Appointment duration

Available to new and/or existing patients

lock certain patients

Match colours to your branding

Book from your website, not from a third party

Integrates directly into your practice website and does not redirect the patient to a third party website

Your patients will enjoy an end-to-end system directly through your practice website