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Project Description

Health clinics are small business’ and administration is often time consuming and error prone.  Weekly or fortnightly timesheets are required to complete payroll.  Because of the monotony of this, staff don’t focus on the detail and management doesn’t do the required checks.

Did staff start early or late?
Did they take their rostered break?
Are they related and working safely?
Did there shift slip over into overtime penalties?
Am I paying my staff properly as a result?

This area is complex and easy to overlook

Our solution simplifies the entire area busy moving away from staff and management having to remember and document to actually capturing the facts.

No more staff spending time filling our a timesheet
No more discussing with staff did they actually arrive then . The are you sure?
No more constantly trying to remember when overtime kicks in and having to back pay staff

Introducing MediTime…..

MediTime is an innovative timesheet solution that integrates into most major accounting solutions such as MYOB and XERO.  MediTime ensures that your business is producing the most accurate timesheet record of your staff movements. MedTime directly imports the records into your accounting solution, including shift start time, lunch breaks and shift end time.

About the solution

Each clinic has a swipe sensor, every staff member their own token
( can be pin, finger print or rfid swipe)
Staff start, breaks and end times are all captured.
Software is used centrally to capture all the information
( polls the device regularly to collect data)
Data is stored in an electronic timesheets with pre configured business rules.
This information can then be adjusted exported and used in almost any of the popular payroll systems.

No more living with grey and no more wasted time.

How do we roll it out?

We have a requirements collection workshop to identify sites, staff type, pay conditions and any award considerations
We document the solution design for approval.
We roll-out the physical devices and configure the back-end software.
We assist with user testing and training of a staff member to look after the system
We provide ongoing support via phone email or via our support portal.

Top concerns

I don’t want to erode the trust of staff

But… it’s not amount counting the time and micromanaging the staff.  The system can be configured to be extremely relaxed around starting early / finishing late etc and the clinic manager can always adjust the times directly in the system.  If staff turn up late and you still want to pay them for the entire shift, this solution still makes it very easy to do, but in a very transparent way, you know the time was missed, the staff member knows you have been generous in paying the extra rather than it being invisible.

On the plus side…   as a huge positive it removes the majority of painful time spend on an administration task that isn’t core to the business and doesn’t improve the service to the patient.

It’s a win for staff and a win for the business

Solution Benefits

Deploying MediTime gives you more time to do all those other things you’d rather be doing, focusing on your patients

Our services also include

  • IT Helpdesk & Onsite Support
  • Supply of IT Equipment, Servers, Desktops, Printers
  • Phone systems, traditional and VOIP
  • Patching and Upgrades
  • Cloud backups & restore
  • Full Clinic hosted in the Cloud
  • Results downloads, secure messaging and e-health
  • Project and software Delivery
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Vendor Management
  • Business consulting, Clinic setup, Accreditation and more

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