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Project Description

Printing Solutions

At IT4GP we can consolidate all of your IT support requirements and managed print service. If you have existing printers or deploying new printers to your clinic, we can take the pressure of having to worry about running low or having no toner. We can monitor your printers and know exactly when your toner is running low and requires replacement.

You can be guaranteed that you will receive the right toner for the right printer every time.

Why do you need a managed print service?

You need to focus your attention on your core business?

You need to reduce supplier numbers?

You need to reduce cost?

You need to reduce order errors?

Business Benefits

Automatic Toner Supply

Our Managed Print Services include automatic supply of toners, waste toner cartridges and other device consumables. We monitor your devices and deliver toners and consumables to your door when required.


We make sure you have the right stock on hand well before you run out and eliminate the hassle of last minute toner orders.