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Project Description

DuressAlert is an innovative Duress / Panic alarm solution that utilises the computers and network already in place in your practice.  DuressAlert ticks off your requirements around accreditation, ensures your meeting your legal OH&S requirements and gives your staff the confidence to practice without worrying about what might happen.

About the solution

Provide a way for a doctors or staff to flag they are under duress

  • Disseminate it to as many other clinic staff as possible to help get the response procedure started
  • Provide an simple update the the doctor to let them know the message was relieved.
  • Provides valuable updates to management to cover off any governance concerns (after all company directors are legally responsible)

We do this all while using hardware and networks already in place maximising the value with as little investment as possible.


Solution Benefits

 The DuressAlert solution is cost effective and easy to use, manage and is far cheaper that a wired alarm solution that could cost you thousands of dollars and maintenance charges.

Compliance — Meet your OH&S requirements, Accreditation and RACGP safety standards

Cost effective — No specialised hardware required, it utilises your computers & network

Easy & quick to install — The software is easily installed onto your server by one of our specialised technicians

Discreet — The alarm can be raised without an assailant realising it

Rapid Response — Prevents the escalation of the incident