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Project Description

Security Solutions

As an IT provider with expertise in the medical profession, our staff understand the importance of securing data. Patients records, business financials and legislative requirements within the healthcare industry.

Data loss is a huge concern and can be caused by numerous factors, steps must be taken to protect the data and to protect the patient, the medical staff and the practice.

We are able to advise, supply and manage all aspects of data protection and recovery.

Business Benefits

Reduced risk 

Full peace of mind knowing that you have superior backup protection saving you from loss of time, productivity and costs in the event of a system failure or disaster.

Business continuity

Keep your business operating smoothly in the event of disaster. Keep and maintain strong relationships through smooth and effective operational service delivery.

Increased resilience

Bounce back into business as usual and as quickly as possible! Mitigate costs associated with unexpected disaster recovery including the impact on revenue or profitability.


Computer and information security standards

An effective disaster recovery plan will bring the computer system back to working order, including the restoration of data. This is an increasingly technical and difficult area, and practices are well advised to consult a technical service provider. Some failures in the computer system can be very simple. However, a disaster implies a major computer failure such as the server being inoperable. It is very important to know quickly when a computer problem can be fixed inhouse and when it requires assistance from a technical service provider.

Data backup and restoration is one part of a business continuity plan and is referred to in this document as information recovery. Backups are an integral part of the information recovery process. Information recovery corrective procedure examples are provided in Templates 5.2–5.10