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IT Support for GP

We understand that when your Clinic IT systems fail, your practice is unable to function. As part of IT4GP  IT support for GP we will quickly, efficiently and effectively have your systems running as soon as humanly possible. This is achieved via remote desktop support and phone support and for all urgent cases that are disrupting the daily running of your clinic, we will be on-site at your clinic providing our expert technological assistance.

Whatever the issue and whatever the time

you can contact our help-desk to request support and assistance either in person or via our remote support service.

Help-desk Portal – IT Support for GP 

We provide access to an online help-desk portal (, a dedicated support number of 1300 366 911 and an after hours emergency contact person is always available

Onsite IT Support – IT Support for GP 

When the going gets tough, there is no substitute for attending on-site. Regardless if we are there to troubleshoot an IT issue, service important IT equipment or train staff on the latest software package, we are there for you!

By outsourcing your Medical IT Support, you no longer have to pay an in-house IT worker's salary. For just a portion of that cost you get a full-time team of health industry experts, highly skilled in what they do.

Call us today to find out more on 1300 366 911.

Medical IT Quick Support Download

In most cases, our Medical IT technical team are able to deal with clinic IT problems remotely without ‘physically’ changing any hardware on your PC. Resolving computer issues from a remote location by our Medical IT  support technicians minimises computer repair time and allows you to get back to your day to day tasks sooner.

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IT Support for GP

IT Support for GP

IT4GP Medical Software Specialists

Medical Director

Medical DirectorConfidently meet the quality, safety and diagnostic challenges you face every day.
MedicalDirector Clinical is modern, intuitive and designed to optimise patient outcomes. Created with the busy medical practice in mind, MedicalDirector Clinical is packed with clinical tools and features to help you save time, reduce costs and improve patient safety.
Manage reports and referrals online, capture your clinical notes electronically, and view patients’ integrated information and results at the touch of a button.
Customise clinical workflows using tools and shortcuts to suit your individual needs.
Electronically receive, review, manage and action your patients’ test results, radiological images and pathology reports, all from the device of your choice.
Spend less time training new team members as the majority of clinicians have had experience using MedicalDirector
Quickly and securely exchange documents and patient information  between clinicians, leaving a clear correspondence audit trail.
Prescribe with confidence knowing you are working from the latest independent content in the form of MDReference, an automatically updated, gold-standard web-based library of more than 100 clinical resources.
Enjoy quick, easy and fully integrated online access to the latest healthcare tools , including textbooks, journals, medicines information and clinical guidelines.
Quickly check updates, actions, recalls and independent drug interaction safety information including monographs, product identifiers (PMIs) and consumer medicines information (CMIs).
ePrescribing using quick, easy workflows that optimise patient safety in dispensing medication.
Securely integrate third-party tools and applications including calculators, charts, statistical tools and more.
Access information you need, when you need it thanks to MedicalDirector Clinical’s fully-supported sidebar.
Seamlessly integrate with MedicalDirector PracSoft , Australia’s leading practice management software, to tailor a fully featured solution for your practice.

Best Practice

Based in the Queensland regional city of Bundaberg but with office locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Hamilton (NZ), Best Practice Softwaredevelops, markets and supports quality software products for Australasian medical practice. Best Practice was launched in 2004 by Dr Frank Pyefinch who brought to the company not only the benefits of a career as a busy General Practitioner but also more than a decade’s experience as a pioneer of medical software development in this country. A private company driven by engagement with its users, Best Practice has remained true to its founding principles of supporting doctors, evolving to meet the changing needs within Australasian healthcare. All by keeping in touch with our users!

Genie Solutions

  • Genie is the leading medical specialist software in Australia for a reason. It unites a wide range of intelligent functions into one user-friendly program. Initially developed by a doctor, it has been continuously improved for over twenty years to work intuitively with the natural flow of your clinic. It will transform your business.
  • Genie seamlessly integrates all aspects of your appointments, billing and clinical management. Through one easy to use program you can access thousands of smart features.
  • Genie has thousands of features, however our user interface remains very simple. It’s been thoughtfully designed so that the less experienced user can operate it with ease.
  • Genie is proudly Australian owned, developed and supported. We are 100% local, from our developers through to our support team.
  • Genie is a truly flexible, advanced software package. It runs natively on both Mac and Windows and has the ability to provide a true ‘paperless’ experience.
  • Intelligent Simplicity is evident in every aspect of Genie software. It also extends to our installation, training and ongoing support. Every detail has been well thought through to make things as easy as possible and to help you work smarter, not harder.


Zedmed is Australia’s leading medical practice management solutions provider. Zedmed has been developed to be a seamlessly integrated, fully-featured, sophisticated, and easy to use practice management platform. With over 1,000 clients nationwide we are proud to be one of Australia’s longest serving medical software companies. Based in Melbourne and with a nationwide reach, our team is committed to providing a positive and supportive environment, and to ensure clients receive the best possible service.

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IT Support for General Practice
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IT Support got GP - We understand that when your Clinic IT systems fail, your practice is unable to function. As part of IT4GP Medical IT support we will quickly, efficiently and effectively have your systems running as soon as humanly possible. This is achieved via remote desktop support and phone support and for all urgent cases that are disrupting the daily running of your clinic, we will be on-site at your clinic providing our expert technological assistance.