A quick update around our medical websites

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A quick update around our medical websites

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few months there has been lots of discussion around changes google have been bringing in both through their popular chrome web browser and also their google search algorithms.

#1 – SSL is becoming almost mandatory

In summary – any website not running SSL (the default standard for secure web browsing a website) will soon be deemed insecure and untrusted. This will eventually show as warning in the Chrome URL bar, and googles search engine is already downgrading web sites that don’t run SSL.

Luckily we offer SSL certificates at one of the lowers rates available Domains.itdelivery.com.au

Please contact us and we are happy to assist you to upgrade your website with SSL as soon as possible

(Costs including Annual SSL certificate, and some minor professional services to configure and install)

#2 Your website security

For some time websites attacks have been on the increase. WordPress because of its popularity is one of the main solutions targeted and WordPress websites are being hacked in record numbers. We have seen websites being hacked first hand, and assisted a number of these to clean and restore a working version of their website.

This causes significant downtime, impacts the credibility of your business and is often costly to fix

There are a number of basic principals to ensure the chances of your website being hacked are reduced. some of these include;

  • Choosing strong passwords
  • Using only high quality plugins and themes
  • Keeping Worpress and any plugins up to date
  • Keeping a regular backup

We also go one step further and use a security solution that actively monitors, blocks and in some cases alert us to issues as they arise.

With this in mind, we have worked hard over the past year to reinvented our hosting packages to take this into account. Our hosting not only includes the normal server space in the cloud, but the premium service provides active management, security monitoring, SSL and covers any minor changes you ask for month to month.

Where customers are using the Premium service, we respond to any security issues, and restore your website for no additional cost.

This is in contrast to being charged many hours of professional services that usually include; restoring and old backup, bring the site up to its recent version, identify the source of the security breach, fixing the security breach and finally changing all of the front-end and back-end password.

Unfortunately for websites that end up getting compromised, after the issue is cleaned up these sites end up on a known list of vulnerable sites. This significantly increases the amount of illegitimate traffic coming to the sites looking to re- exploit any vulnerability. Its best to stay off this list and if you end up on it, the website needs to be managed very closely.

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#3 SEO vs Google Adwords

In the past 6 months our services around Adwords and SEO have been ramping up. We aren’t a typically SEO provider and focus on building your search ranking through a number of tried and tested means.

Google regularly tweaks how they rank different web sites in search results to ensure the results represent the best examples of what a user is searching for. They also regularly penalise websites for being insecure, not complete, or simply trying to get better ranking through shortcuts or back doors.

The basics to get right are around ensuring your website is fast, secure and doesn’t have any errors. The very next step it to ensure you know what keywords your targeting and to ensure your content is optimised to assist google in understanding your website. Finally you need content.

In the short term Google Adwords is a great way to get your business in front of people that are looking for your service. With the right management, in some cases its the only way to get your website to the top of the list without months and months of SEO effort. We manage a number of google adwords accounts and can help with your account as well.

In the longer term, SEO requires ongoing improvement of your content to ensure its relevant, interesting, and is on point. Our services can be customised to invest time month to month in getting your websites ranking to increase.

Feel free to give us a call so we can discuss how we can help with your website

Kind regards,



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Business Development Consultant

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