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IT4GP is an Australian business which is focused on assisting medical clinics with not only their IT requirements but also assisting in initial setup or business improvements.

Our background includes technology but we also have staff with backgrounds in Practice Management, Health Operation/Management and Business consulting.  Because of this our approach is a little different where we look to form strong partnerships and are focused on the ongoing relationship

As a specialist IT provider in health and especially GP clinics, we are uniquely placed to be able to partner with your business on a number of levels including:

  • IT Management including working with GP clinics to establish access and integration

  • Providing your ongoing IT equipment needs through direct procurement enabling savings for your business

  • Configuration and management of your IT environment to ensure optimal availability and access

  • Ongoing support of your staff and equipment for timely resolution

  • Assistance with general business and Accreditation consulting to support your growth

  • Supply of health centric tools with the potential for a future intranet

Have a new clinic coming, or your existing clinic needs some work?

We can help find the things holding your back, shape your future state, find you the practical options and deliver them in a sustainable, realistic way.

New clinic setups, accreditation, IT refresh projects, or your own business/IT enhancement project.

There are many great solutions on the market for your practice, but rarely do they tick all of your boxes.

We have spent years working in and around all of the options and choose to work closely with the ones that deliver the best outcomes for the price.

Operational management of your IT requires consistent focus to ensure it doesn’t hold back or impact your business.

We have a broad range of services to suit any clinic, from fully managed IT, managed security and fixed price support all the way down to basic ad-hoc support.

Regardless of the solution, we focus on long term success through building strong working relationships with out customers

Other services, solutions and systems

After working with many medical practices, we found a real need for additional services and solutions to assist in running a smooth business and making the most effective technology decisions. Some of our services include:

  • Specification of clinics and support software (including e-health compliance)
  • Online Appointments
  • Hybrid PABX Telephone Solution
  • Medical Web sites, online presence and ongoing marketing
  • Ongoing clinic support, including security and clinical system updates
  • Development of custom software solutions for health
  • Full Clinic technology hosted in the cloud
  • Fully Policy and Procedure manual production
  • Assisting with Practitioners and Staff requirements
  • Prospective site reviews (suitability) including managing design and build of clinics
  • We are proficient in all of the major GP practice technology systems including the key clinical systems
Interact by ITD

The number 1 choice for Healthcare intranet software

Interact provide intranet software to healthcare professionals worldwide making us the leading provider of healthcare intranet software in the world.

Interact is the perfect intranet software solution to meet the needs of your modern healthcare infrastructure. Hosted in the cloud or on premise, it gives administrative staff and clinicians easy access to the information they need, when they need it, freeing up time to focus on frontline service delivery.

Duress Alert

Duress Alert is an innovative Duress / Panic alarm solution that utilised the computers and network already in place in your practice.  Duress Alert ticks off your requirements around accreditation, ensures your meeting your legal OH&S requirements and gives your staff the confidence to practice without worrying about what might happen.


MediTime is an innovative timesheet solution that integrates into most major accounting solutions such as MYOB and XERO.  MediTime ensures that your business is producing the most accurate timesheet record of your staff movements. MedTime directly imports the records into your accounting solution, including shift start time, lunch breaks and shift end time.